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    anyone facing problem contacting support?


      yesterday i have tried to call into support and had to wait for almost 3 hours to have the  support to pickup the phone

      they claim they needed the patch version i was unable to provide and hear them clearly though phone.
      the funny thing is i have told them my mcafee end point protection has corrupted but they refused to release VSE cleaner and have put my case to Sev 5 clase which is as good as. "hey i am going to ignore your case"


      i have given up on the support provided, i thought symantec was bad but mcafee was worst.


      anyone able to provide VSE cleaner? for 8.8 i have given up on the support of mcafee..


      attached is current wait for a web chat. and usually web chat is pretty instant for other company.

      MCPR.exe won't work since i am using enterprise product


      hopefully someone a able to save me.

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          Hemant Koli

          Yes, I am also facing problem contacting support.

          Since last couple of days i m facing problem with McAfee Technical support, I tried to connect McAfee Technician, but i am facing problem while connecting Technician, as the calls are getting disconnect in between and no call back as well. I called Toll Free number and was waiting for 2-3 hours for call coordinator to connect and the call got disconnected, and again next day when i tried calling toll free number twice 1st call it got connected to the call coordinator and i have shared the case details and he asked me to be on hold and after 2 hours call got disconnected and 2nd time when i called i was on hold for 2-3 hours and wait for call coordinator to get connect and again in between the call got disconnected and also tried to connect through Chat but the result are same.

          Earlier the support was good as we were getting call back from the Technician when the call gets disconnected, But now i don't know whats wrong with the McAfee Support?

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            I have been noticing longer waits to get thru to support even last week. It used to be quick to get thru to the initial person who takes your details. I gave up several times last week also. We have two opens tickets and have noticed that it takes about a week for them to get back needing more info. Getting fed up with McAfee support. Not too sure what issues they are going thru but it needs to be fixed.