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    Detailed configuration site documentation for ePO


      So I started updating our ePO Orchestrator system/configuration documentation. I have a pretty solid document but a couple of things I am struggling with.


      1. There does not seem to any tools (e.g. Microsoft's powershell, VMware's powercli, etc.) to pull the configuration information for ePO consistently. This becomes a problem as I want to document our VSE AP options and related exclusion list, included processes, etc. Doing this by hand is just not realistic and human error prone.
      2. Diagramming the ePO processes seems to be also near impossible as I cannot find any usable Visio stencils. I did find some on the forum but they are outdated and miss a lot of the main components. Seems like I will have to use generic stencils? Does anybody have some sample ePO process diagrams one can re-use? I googled and cannot find anything worthwhile.

      Would love to hear the opinion of the community on this. Especially point 1.