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    ePO Agent - Vista SP1 small files from share & gpo update issues

      Hi All,

      We are currently testing Vista Enterprise and since the release of Service Pack 1 we are experiencing the following issues:

      1. Copying a small file from a network share to local on a Vista SP1 computer is extremely slow. It will do one file every 10 seconds or so.

      2. Policies are not running in a timely fashion, it can take more than 15 minutes for user policies to apply (to get network drives for instance). Forcing a gpupdate will run for 3 minutes at least and should normally take 20 seconds.

      I have identified that these issues start to happen when the ePO Agent gets pushed to the workstation after it has been joined to the domain.

      McAfee 8.5i Enterprise without the ePO Agent seems to be performing normally and this has been tested with patch 1 all the way up to patch 5, but as soon as the ePO Agent is installed the issues of point 1 and 2 become apparent.

      When i disable the McAfee services, the performance is okay again.

      The ePO Agent works just fine if Service Pack 1 for Vista is NOT installed.

      Here is the information concerning McAfee and the ePO Agent:
      Mcafee Antivirus current version running on Workstations is AV 8.5i Patch level 3
      Mcafee ePO agent Version is

      (please note that i have tested patch 1 through patch 5 as well)

      Our antivirus team/group is in another country and of course i have contacted them, but maybe i can attack the problem quicker by also tapping into your expertise. Hence this post.

      Any insights are greatly appreciated!

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