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    Live safe and Windows 7 64 bit


      It is about 3 months that there is a conflict between Live safe and Win 7 64 bit in PC Sony Vaio. McAfee assistance reached the 3rd level without helping me. Restarting after downloading Live Safe I cannot have access to the program from START, many programs , McAfee is out of service and seems that a program unknown not detectable is running in background and not visible. No virus tested from the assistance. Only starting Live Safe starts the conflict but the assistance told me that they cannot do anything and it is only a my problem. Can You help ?

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          Peter M

          Can you post the last session ID number Support gave you and I will ask our resident expert to take a look.

          Off the top of my head I would assume that there is some other software causing this, assuming you are logged in as an Administrator-level user.


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            Peter M

            I should add, I also have Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate and no issues except the software takes a long time to open.

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              Peter M

              By the way, I just re-read your post and saw "a program unknown not detectable is running in background" - I suggest running GetSusp and Malwarebytes Free both linked in the following location.  Read the instructions there carefully.

              Anti-Spyware/Malware/Hijacker Tools

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                Just suggesting your computer is up to date with all security updates and you are careful when surfing the internet as malware tends to silently download on websites that many users consider safe. Please be careful if you use any type of registry cleaner software as sometimes that does more harm than good.


                Ex Brit mentioned he was going to contact someone on your behalf. If you can find that session number for him that would help immensely. If not then try running MVT http://mvt.mcafee.com to generate a new number.




                Tom K3TG

                McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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                  Here the last connection with the support team:

                  marina - Intel Security, Inc. - Please click the link below to request a live support session:

                  Links removed by Moderator

                  Best Regards, Support Team

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                    Peter M

                    That's not what we're after and I'm not even sure that's McAfee Support so I removed the links...did they give you a Ticket or ID number to quote should you need to restart a support case ?


                    Meanwhile run those tools I suggested./

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                      Peter M

                      OK I'll alert our support people who patrol here.


                      sanjay selvan can either of you help here please?   OP has gone through level 3 support already.

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                        Windows firewall and W Defender disabled when running Live safe.

                        Installing Live Safe from Internet Explorer requires restart. Installing from Google not necessary restart. Starting with F8 run properly but McAfee is disabled.

                        Here the last reference from assistance by mail:

                        Da: support@intelsecurity.com

                        A: borellos@aruba.it

                        Oggetto: Centro Assistenza Intel Security – SR-1940348110

                        Grazie per aver contattato il Supporto consumatori Intel Security.

                        Abbiamo aperto una richiesta di assistenza per la fornitura di supporto sulla base delle informazioni fornite sul nostro sito Web dedicato all'assistenza. Di seguito vengono specificati i dettagli della richiesta per ogni riferimento futuro:


                        -           Numero ordine:

                        -           Codice richiesta assistenza: 1940348110

                        -           Data creazione: 02/16/2016 02:54:04

                        -           Account di posta elettronica :

                        -           Descrizione: Non posso fare configurazione ripristino del sistema perché un file è bloccato da antivirus. Non riesco a disabilitare Mc Afee e non abilita le funzioni di scansione in tempo reale e firewall. Opero in Modalità ripristino servizi Directory perché con ripristino (F8) in modalità provvisoria funziona con restrizioni

                        È sempre possibile visitare il sito http://service.mcafee.com in relazione ad ogni forma di supporto necessario per i prodotti Intel Security.


                        Supporto consumatori Intel Security

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                          MVT non ha rilevato problemi sul tuo computer

                          ID di sessione: 55742019

                          I saved the logs That You can see in the session.


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