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    tractorsupply.com being blocked?


      I'm having a problem getting on www.tractorsupply.com.

      I keep getting this:


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "http://www.tractorsupply.com/" on this server.

      Reference #18.560f6168.1458346047.36dfa37


      I get that using my laptop using wifi, desktop using wifi, cell phone using wifi.   Tried different browsers (IE, Edge, and Chrome), as well as desktop/mobile versions of the website.  The same thing happens whether i'm at home using my wifi, or at my parent's house using their wifi.  The only common denominator is, both networks are protected by McAfee. 


      The site works fine if I use cellular data on my phone instead of wifi.


      There are no parental controls set up.

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                          I just tried to access it, and had no issue at all For Life Out Here | Tractor Supply Co.? You can try running the McAfee Virtual Technician http://mvt.mcafee.com and see if it finds any issues. You can also contact Technical Support using the same link I just inserted.


                          Via Online Chat/Phone being most expedient.


                            Make certain you are up to date with all of your Windows Updates/Add-ons. Especially Internet Explorer, for even though you may choose not to use it. McAfee and other programs do. I would suggest changing some settings,however it would be best for support to take a look at it.


                             During the interim, it is quite possible one of the Forum Techs picks up this thread,or one of my Colleagues and add to the discussion.


                             Please let us know how it goes.( Is this the only Site you are having difficulty accessing?)


          All the Best,


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            A few other suggestions, is try cleaning your Cache/Cookies. Also adding the site in your 'Trusted Site' zone. For instance also try opening Internet Explorer with (No Add ons) and see if one of them could possibly be the culprit.

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              I already added it to trusted zones, no luck.

              I'll try disabling browser add ons.


              McAfee virus scan, SuperAntiSpyware, and Malwarebytes don't pick up anything.  I called McAfee master technical support and they claimed I had a browser hijacker... doesn't make much sense to me.  Why would only 1 specific website be getting hijacked?  Anyway, they wanted to charge me $130 to fix it, so I passed.

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                Had no enabled browser add-ons.

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                  Could you please try running the McAfee Getsusp Tool? Simply enter your Email address under 'Preferences' in the interface before scanning. Follow up with ' AdwCleaner '  You can obtain this superb tool and others from here:

                  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                  Were you capable of accessing it through the Link I inserted in my first response?

                  Try the above suggestions,and I will be around for a while and inform me of the results please.




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                    Getsusp didn't find anything suspicious other than a rootkit remover program I just download 10 minutes ago from Trend Micro.


                    AdwCleaner found nothing.


                    I don't think it's any kind of PuP, virus, hijacker, spyware, etc.  I think it's just a setting somewhere.  I figured the firewall was blocking something on the site, but I don't see anything. 

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                      Your link also gave me the access denied

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                        It seems you may have a Corrupt 'Cookie' for that site. It seems that you contacted McAfee 'Techmaster' which is a (Paid) Service. For all McAfee products are supported free of charge as long as you have a active subscription.. You in addition have the right to escalate your issue if the need arises.


                        If you could please provide me with that 'Service Request #' I will contact one of our Forum Tech 2.5 Engineers on your behalf. Uncertain of their hours on/off will determine how quickly they respond. I will be more than happy to do as mentioned.


                        All the very Best,


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                          service request number:

                          Service Request #: 1964441594


                          Don't know about it being a bad cookie though.   Like I said in the first post, I get the same thing whether i'm using my laptop, desktop, or cell phone (on wifi).


                          I can only get to the website if I use cellular data on my cell phone instead of wifi.

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