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    Compatiblity between Agent and VSE


      Hello, I would like to ask about the compatibility (or lack of) between McAfee Agent and VSE 8.8 patch 6 (not the hotfix, but the 1445).


      A have a machine where VSE was installed along with Agent and it was all working fine. The agent was updated to and everything was still normal, with DAT and Engine Updates, as well as policies and tasks.


      Then, I observed that problems occur when McAfee Agent is installed prior to VSE (e.g., when a new workstation enters the network, is unmanaged by ePO, and the agent is deployed first so that later the VSE can be installed). What I observed was that DAT and Engines are still updated, but any change in VSE policies is not displayed or enforced on those workstations. Is this because of lack of compatibility between those two versions? If so, was is the best way to solve this? Deploying another Agent version and forcing the installation over the existing version?


      Thanks in advance.