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    Encrypt connection between McAfee ESM and data sources


      The method to encrypt the connection between McAfee ESM and data sources depends on the data source model and the Data Retrieval:


      If you are using:


      WMI traffic is clear text and only allows access to logs written to the Windows Event Log: to encrypt traffic use (SIEM Collector) The SIEM Collector sends Windows Event Logs to a Receiver, using an encrypted connection.

      Using the SIEM Collector as a standalone or as part of an existing McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator implementation, you can add the WMI functionality to existing McAfee agents.

      You can also use the SIEM Collector as a hub to collect logs from other systems, via RPC, without adding the SIEM Collector package to every system

      Default: MEF port 8081 and (use SSL to encrypt log events sent to the Receiver)


      Syslog as Data retrieval:

      At the parameters of the data source in the McAfee ESM enable ‘Require Syslog TLS’ to use the TLS encryption protocol, on the other hand you need also to enable encryption at the data source.


      For MEF and CEF as Data retrieval:

      you need to enable encryption option


      For SFTP file source as Data retrieval:

      the connection encrypted.