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    What's everyone doing for exclusions?


      So it seems that exclusions are dramatically downplayed in ES10. I'm curious though what people are doing?


      I've got about about 80 systems primarily across my IT and DEV/QA groups running it currently. I'm running it with no exclusions and almost everyone has reported better performance except 3 random QA users who don't do anything dramatically different from the rest. I've had to revert in their case. We are primarily an IIS, Visual Studio, MSSQL shop, so those are likely going to be the processes I'll need to build around. I really like the idea of limited to no exclusions though.


      It seems like the preferred method is now to exclude processes instead of directories or files. However this seems to require using the multi-level process (high/low/default) policy. Or am I missing something?


      As a feature request, can we get the ability to exclude processes using the single risk level? I am very happy there is only one policy type for the three now.


      And what's everyone doing for servers? I know there is the default set for Exchange, but what about SQL and such? My ePO database server is cruising along fine with no exclusions but is that just cause it is beefy?