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    Site Advisor Outlook Web Access - Keyboard Freezes


      Currently seeing Keyboard freezes (or at least considerable stroke delays) with SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5.0 .1364 whenever anyone tries to log in to Microsoft Outlook Web Access. As soon as I remove SAE, problem goes away. Anyone any ideas?

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          Hi ,


          Do you have any other McAfee product installed on the box ?

          Can you please share the browser detail in which issue reproducible?

          Is this reproducible in other browser as well ?


          Can you please perform following steps to see if SAE is the root cause of it.


          Test 1 :


          1. Add OWA URL in allow list on SAE ePO policy

          2. Enforce policy on client and see if it resolves issue


          Test 2 : ( if issue still reproducible after test #1 )


          1.  On ePO policy disable both browser and non browser based email policy.

          2.  Enforce policy on client

          3.  Now validate the issue


          if both #1 and #2 doesn't resolved issue then I need memory for dump of process taken during freeze to investigate it further.