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    ePo pc alive or not



      i'm migrating from Kaspersky to ePo with VSE88 engine.

      The ePo console is pretty good and i personalise the column view for a better work (dat version, installed product, etcetera).

      Is it possible to add a column that specify if the computer is alive or not ??

      In Kaspersky console each compter is:

      OFFLINE (icon with network symbol "disconnected")

      ONLINE (icon with network symbol "connected")

      GOOD (red colout)

      YELLOW (pc needs attention, warnings)

      RED (problems....)


      Thank you in advance, regards.

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          within EPO you can look at two values if the system is managed and active.

          1. Last Communication: The last communication timestamp where the endpoint connected to EPO
          2. If there is no entry, take a look if the managed state is true or not. If not, the endpoint has never talked to EPO.


          Hope this helps,