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    EPO4 & 8.5i deployment

      hi there,

      I've just installed version 4 of the orchestrator (on Windows 2003 R2) to try and better manage our Mcafee enterprise environment.

      Most of our workstations currently run 7.1 of the Enterprise Virusscan. New installations (about 12) now have 8.5i patch 1 (All Running XP SP2)

      I've been trolling around for 3 days now and seem no nearer finding any decent documentation for EPO 4 and it capabilities. Most searches seem to returm 3.6 results.

      I've managed to deploy the agent to machines via EPO but seem to be un-able to do anything else.

      I need to know if it's possible and how to...

      deploy 8.5i with patch 5 to all existing machines. (I've imported the install for 8.5i and patch 5 into the repository), but can't see any tasks to deploy or update clients with these.

      If it can't be done via EPO 4, can it be done via login script or Group Policy deployment, what are the command line switches and can patch 5 be streamlined into the installation?

      force clients to check-in and update more than once a day.

      We have approximately 120 workstation, of which at least 60% are on remote sites connection via ADSL broadband VPN WAN links.

      any advice, how-to's would be most appreciated.
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