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    Want to change the ip of epo server


      Hello All,


      We have install the McAfee epo 5.1 in windows server 2008 r2 at our customer's place (Which is AD server also) .Now they are going to change their entire network setup after that all the servers and pcs or you can say all the nodes in their organisation's network will get assigned new IP-addresses.So my concern is will it get any effect on epo server.If yes then what kind of effect will be occure.And what should I have to do at that time.Please help me in this kind situation.This activity will be carried out after one month.So please reply me as early as possible.

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          I read your message three times and need a clarification if you would. Your first sentence implied that you installed 5.1 on their AD? I'm not certain that was your intent so here are my questions.


          1. Did you install ePO on its own server with SQL or SQL on another server? Could you clarify the install footprint for me?

          2. AD being re Ip'd?


          We will have a better idea of how to proceed from there.