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    Conflicting MVT Report




      After running MVT today following a System Restore, MVT found an incorrect registry entry. After clicking 'Fix' it said the problem and been fixed and a reboot was required. After rebooting, however, the same incorrect registry entry was detected:




      Despite the above text, McAfee appears to be working normally and isn't displaying any warning pop-ups, so now I'm unsure whether this is a fault with my computer or MVT. I've heard System Restore can sometimes mess things up a little but the Restore point was from a point only a couple of hours ago, not several days. If the System Restore has caused this, what can I do to fix it?



      EDIT: Forgot to mention, the MVT version is

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          Do you have a session number from the MVT report that you could post?


          You may also consider contacting Technical Support to take a look at this   Service and Support




          Tom K3TG

          McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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            Hi k3tg,


            I didn't save the original MVT scan's session number, but ran it again just now and got the same result. That session's ID number was 55715512.

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              Hi Wixey,

                            If you feel that concerned, even though all seems to be running normal. You can always contact Technical Support using the same link to MVT. http://mvt.mcafee.com Simply furnish them the Session ID number.



              All the Best


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                If I may ask, was there a specific reason for reverting back to a earlier point in time? In any case, you should be capable of (Undoing) the restore point and return back to the Date and Time in which you were at before.


                Make certain you do not interrupt 'System Restore' while it is going through it's process, for doing so can indeed cause problems.


                Just thought I would add that...



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                  Hello wixey

                  Seems that one of the registry key for VirusScan has incorrect setting. While MVT fixes majority of the issues it is necessary that you reboot the PC and Re-run MVT to check status. If issue persists we will need to Re-install McAfee.



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                    Hi catdaddy,


                    I used System Restore after trying to install a new video driver. The laptop crashed during the installation process and on rebooting, the display has messed up so much I felt I had to revert to the point before the installation. I've only ever used System Restore twice (this being the second time) and tend to avoid doing this sort of thing unless it's absolutely necessary. I don't think I interrupted the process - I tend to let the system get on with whatever it's doing in situations like this in case I accidentally make things worse.

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                      Hi Selvan,


                      It's very strange. I ran MVT after an update check this evening and the registry error has gone. The ID for this session was 55720422.

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                        Did you ever perform a restart after running the MVT? Try doing that and run it again as Selvan suggested and see if it resolves your problem. If not, then doing a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall should resolve your issue. I was just updated to MSC/14.0.7086 myself.

                        Please let us know how it goes.


                        All the best,


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                          You must have shut down last night? It may be that doing as Selvan suggested, did indeed resolve your issue

                          I was typing as you were,so did not see your reply. Hope all is okay now.

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