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    Remove spurious subnets in RSD (3.6)

      Just moved jobs and inherited an EPO server - after spending weeks getting the last place's up to scratch :)

      This one is a little easier to manage (smaller company, far less workstations, much better bandwidth & only three sites) compared to the last one, but there are still a few things to sort out.

      One thing I'd like to do is get RSD working so that I can have a good idea of what's hanging around on the network (no budget for a proper NAC solution). I've got it up and running and have added sensors to my subnets, but there are (literally) thousands of spurious entries in the subnet list (mostly clients connected via VPN).

      Does anyone know whether McAfee ever bothered going through the process of configuring something that would allow you to filter out IP addresses from being detected, or, at the very least, a way of bulk deleting the bogus subnets from the list? I've seen a previous post that suggested going through the EPO DB and deleting subnets referred to by specific IDs, and will do this if necessary (manually deleting them would take hours as there are so many) but, if anyone here knows of a 'cleaner' way of deleting them I'd be much obliged!