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    McAfee Licences

      Hello :)

      This is just a simple question but I need to explain first the reason why I am asking:

      Our suppliers develop software for complex systems; once the systems and Software are fully working All the Software including Antivirus ones will be handed over to our primary customer ( What a chain :confused:) .
      These Systems won't have any contact with the Internet or external resource, therefore it won't be necessary to be update the Antivirus Dat files. Now here is my question :rolleyes:

      Is there any way from the Antivirus setup to stop the licence or dat update reminder pop up screen to appear .We dont want any source of messages appearing.

      We will have various versions of McAfee installed , of course in diferent machines
      and we are not yet sure whether we will keep the antivirus software installed , but in the event of keeping them we would like to understand the process.

      Could you advise?
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          Perpetual licence settings in VSE enterprise will not pop up anything ever and there are no popups for definition/engine updates.

          Are you talking about Mcafee consumer software or Enterprise software?
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            I may be talking about both , there are manyy suppliers with diferent McAfee agreements, and I really want to understand how to manage the issue in all instances

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              enterprise products and consumer software are totally and entirely different.

              you need to find out what you are running
              how it is configured
              what "popup" issues you are currently having

              before anyone could offer advice on this
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                Sorry I perhaps didn't explain myself very well. There are not pop up issues today. What we want to understand is if there is any kind of meesage that in the future the McAffe Software will show on the screen to remind the user to renew the licence.
                I am aware that one of our suppliers runs today McAfee Active Visrus Scan

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                  That just means they are running virusscan enterprise with (probably) EPO as a management tool. In which case as long as they are within their support licence period on VSE (and they have disabled security centre) they will get no popups.

                  This really comes down to how they have configured their software, from OS to VSE to management tools. Its not something that you could say.. "just do that" on.