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    Active Directory Group Policy Causing Problems With ePO Installation and Functionality


      Greetings. We've been having an ongoing issue with the main installation of ePO 5.1.2. What was happening was that at the point in the installation where you were to provide a name for the SQL database (e.g. ePO_ServerName) and click "Next" after typing in the Windows account name that has admin privs. At this point, the error, "Unable to make a connection to the database server. Verifiy that you provided the account credentials and database server name correctly, then try again."


      Now, this is a small enclave, so we are using the SQL Server Express that comes with ePO and the SQL server is being installed on the same server as ePO. We installed SQL Management Studio on the same server and can logon to the SQL server with the same account we specified in the setup without problem. The user has all the right privileges.


      So, we dropped the server out of the Active Directory domain to try the install WITHOUT any Domain Group Polices being applied. The installation WORKED. We were able to logon to the ePO console and all was functioning. Then we put the server BACK into the Active Directory domain. The ePO servers services all started, and we could logon, but some functionality such as the dashboard queries are not working.


      So, it looks like the Active Directory Group Polices are causing some issues.


      Does anyone know of WHICH Active Directory policy has caused problems like this to ePO and SQL connections in the past? I hate the idea of having to plow through the polices and turning off and on until we find the culprit.