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    Policy Installs Failing after Activating a Dynamic Update


      Hi All


      I'm fairly new to the NGFW's (running 5.10) and have been trying to implement regular dynamic update activations.


      After activating the update I go to push my policies out to clusters they usually fail with the following error:


      Upload in progress...

      Upload Failure: Operation failed.

      Connection failed to Firewall Node LON-FW-1. Details: Read timed out"


      Rightly or wrongly - I had previously been able to get around this by restarting my SMC server (windows based VM) after which I was able to push the policy successfully.


      Now today since activating update 743 I cannot get a successful policy push even after restarting the SMC server or rebooting each node from the console. So I could do with some help getting out this sticky situ!


      Can anyone recommend any further actions without having to resort to restoring the pre-update activation backup, or an recommendations on correct update procedures?


      I look forward to hearing from you!