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    Help my confusion with trusting/excluding "files" vs. trusting/excluding "programs"


      Is it true that you cannot exclude individual files and folders from being considered threats in scanning? That is, as of the 2015 or 2016 versions of the product? I read ambiguous explanations on the web (probably because the basic structure of McAfee programs changes frequently, grrr); some say that this functionality was removed in recent years. True?


      The most confusing aspect of trust vs. quarantine is that the program "seems" to require you to trust the threat - i.e. the "program" - e.g., I have to trust "HTool/kgn". I don't want to trust the VIRUS; just the file that McAfee claims to have that virus (because I believe the file is safe). It is horribly nonintuitive.


      Another point of confusion (or maybe the same point!):

      Note the ambiguity at this link. I can follow https://digitalendpoint.zendesk.com/…/205143687-How-to-conf…

      almost perfectly until the middle of the page says

      Click on "Excluded Files".

      That button doesn't exist in my product under LiveSafe - Internet Security.

      Actually I can't find anything like that. Please tell me it wasn't taken away from having been there on earlier versions?



      I hate to bother people but my googling for this answer was dreadful. It seems like all the talk about McAfee tech issues on the web assumes that you're already fluent with the architecture of McAfee. And there are like 10 product names to understand. I believe that I have McAfee LiveSafe collection which shipped with my new Dell. I don't know if I have Home or Professional or Enterprise because those words don't seem to appear anywhere in the product. However web posts and articles say things like "if you have the home edition, ..."


      Anyway I can see:

      About McAfee LiveSafe

      McAfee Security Center 14.0 3/11/16

      McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware 18.0 3/12/16

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