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    ePO_server name_log.mdf

      Hi to all!

      I had need to restore the epo database after the server was crashed. I used the DBBAK utility to do that, and, after the database was reimported succesfully, the ePO_server name_log.mdf and ePO_server name_data.mdf were moved automatically under root of C, and i don't know why.......One week after i completed this operation, i took a look into drive C, and i found that it was full, because the ePO_server name_log.mdf had incresad his growth about 40mb every two hours......even if nothing has changed in the epo console...
      How is it possible? If i reinstall the epo console without importing the old db, this doesn't happen, but i have lost all the policies.......

      Any idea?