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    Reading ELM files outside the ELM


      Hi all,


      We know we can use sftp to export the raw logs, however, sftp has proven to be slow and unstable, frequently crashing in the middle of bulk transfer and "ls -lR" attempts.


      I was wondering: Has anyone ever managed to read the ELM files saved by the ELM outside the ELM?

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          I was told once you can download the files from the ELM and read offline. Because ELM store the raw logs as flat files.

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            I'm not sure this is the case. From what I gather the .ELM files are certainly not raw files.


            Yes, you can use SFTP to get the raw files but the SFTP is not a traditional SFTP server where you access files laying in a filesystem. Instead the edsftp server queries the ELM backend components to create a dynamic file list.


            Sadly, the edsftp process is complete very unstable and tends to crash in the middle of large file transfers. So as long you want one of two hours of logs you are fine, but if you try to get 2 days worth of logs... good luck.