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    9.6 release date




      Is anyone aware of SIEM 9.6 being released? Last quarter McAfee reps mentioned the right click was coming but since then it seems like 9.6 disappeared from the radar.


      I may be the only one but I am starting to have a feeling the SIEM is suffering the same fate as Foundstone solution after McAfee's acquisition...

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          9.5.2 is the current RTW release that was recently released.  As with all roadmaps - dates, release names, and feature sets may change as development moves forward.  Currently, there is a plan for an minor release next quarter.  Additionally, we have a major release planned towards the end of the year.  Right-click is currently part of the new HTML5 UI project which is planned to be in the major release toward the end of the year.  Please let me now if you have questions or are interested in a roadmap presentation from PM.  kara.cole@intel.com 

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            Thanks for the update. Wow, so right click has been delayed yet again? Shockers.

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              I appreciate that there may be a perception that a roadmap item is delayed however it is important to note that all roadmap items are fluid and features are not committed until the release they are in is ready to be delivered to our customer base.  Our engineering team works in an agile development process and builds towards release dates, not feature sets.  This means that if something that is planned to be in a release needs more time or is reprioritized, it will shift from one release to another but the date of the release should be fairly consistent.  If anyone has questions on our process or roadmap plans, please feel free to reach out to me. 

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                except that as you pointed in your previous reply your release dates are fluid as well. So in other words, one day things will be ready.


                Given 9.5.0 was released ages ago, followed by a bunch of Maintenance Releases to fix the wave of bugs caused by the release, I would reckon you "agile development" is a bit waterfall.


                Thank you none the less