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    Cannot install TIE 1.2 VSE module




      Workstation windows 7
      Mcafee Agenr





      Could anyone help me with this issue.


      I am trying to install TIE VSE module on the environment above for the first time and everytiime i try to do so i get the following error;

      "Mcafee Threat Intelligence Exchaange module for VSE setup failed"

      I have also tried to install it manually which produces the same error but the TIESetup.log file has the following error



      Property(S): ISVROOT_PORT_NO = 0

      Property(S): IS_COMPLUS_PROGRESSTEXT_COST = Costing COM+ application: [1]

      Property(S): IS_COMPLUS_PROGRESSTEXT_INSTALL = Installing COM+ application: [1]

      Property(S): IS_COMPLUS_PROGRESSTEXT_UNINSTALL = Uninstalling COM+ application: [1]

      Property(S): IS_PREVENT_DOWNGRADE_EXIT = A newer version of this application is already installed on this computer. If you wish to install this version, please uninstall the newer version first. Click OK to exit the wizard.


      I have never installed TIE on this system so i find this a bit strange.


      has anyone got any ideas why this is happening


      I have attached the setup log for further investigation


      Many thanks



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