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    ePO get System Infos from AD


      Hey guys,


      I´m currently trying stuff with syncing my ePO with my AD.

      While doing this i recognized that some information, for example the "Description" Field doesn´t get updated in our environment.

      We don´t sync the systemtree with our AD.

      We only have a AD-sync group were all unknown systems to the ePO get importet from AD and then we try to install the agent.

      Afterwards the systms sort themselves into the tree depending on some factors like IP-adresses.


      Is there something like a servertask which would only pull the data for the clients and updates this info in the systemtree?

      I only found the function directly at the systemtree groups for syncing (as we have two domains i can´t fix that to the very top) or the servertasks but there i can only choose from the syncingfolders i created in the systemtree.


      We have ePO 5.3.1.


      I hope i could explain well what I mean.




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          Okay, so i did some testing in our Lab and there is something not quiet clear:

          I have for example in Systemtree a "Site A" and then there are 2 subfolders "workstations" "server".

          If i use the LDAP-Server to gather the newest info from our Windows AD and link it to "Site A" the info for all the systems DOESN´T get updated.

          If I do the same on one of the subgroups - the systems in that subgroup get updated.


          Is this intended behaviour?