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    "Manage Features" grayed out - PVS - ePO - Custom Engine Location


      Hi All,


      i have the following problem.


      We use Citrix pvs.


      On the master Target i have installed mcafee agent and vse over ePO Client Tasks.

      After vse installation i configured the regkeys:





      because i dont want the citrix targets to download the full DAT after reboot (Partition C:\ will be loaded from MasterImage).


      After changing these regkeys i have rebootet the mastertarget, vse works fine.


      Next step was to start the Citrix Targets with this "image". Agent -ePO communication works fine, but i can start VSE anymore.


      Didnt Start with shstats.exe too.


      Is this way to change DAT Location right?

      Why VSE is "Disabled" on Targets?