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    Upgrade from SaaS to ePO - Scripts


      Hi All,


      I am fairly new to this forum and the reason for my visit is that i have recently received the email from Mcafee telling me that between now and 2019 i need to upgrade all of our machines and account from SaaS to ePO. I know i've got loads of time but i know if i don't start the work i'll forget about it. Now we have around 200 machines across the UK all connected to our domain and the current SaaS software has been installed manually one by one (you can already tell what my next question is). So now i need to work out the best way of uninstalling the old version and then work out the best way to install the new version.


      I read that i should be able to force the uninstall via a bat file by using WMIC with something like;


      wmic product where name="Product name" call uninstall


      but when i run the following command i only get McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise


      wmic product get name | sort


      Does anyone have any commands that could help me out of this sticky and manual task?