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    Upgrading the OS of EPO from 2008r2 to 2012r2




      I have an EPO server 5.1 Agent 5 and endpoint security 10.1 all running on windows 2008R2 without issues


      I have upgraded the OS to Windows 2012R2

      I have made sure 8.3 naming is enabled after the upgrade but the upgrade removed some of the short names

      So I recreated them using MKLINK /J to create them as symbolic hard links


      Apache starts ok and so does the rest of the EPO server.


      However the Clients do not seem to check in - I do not think that the issue is at the client end but possibly with the EPO server.


      The Clients still update etc but the last communication time  on the EPO for all clients is before the upgrade


      Does anyone else have experience of an OS upgrade causing issues like this