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    Chrome now sending tons of traffic to clients1.google.com/tbproxy/af/query?


      We're seeing a huge uptick in these 403ing in an environment I manage where the application/x-gzip file type is restricted from being POSTed  except to certain sites.

      "POST https://clients1.google.com/tbproxy/af/query?client=Google%20Chrome HTTP/1.1"


      Looks like 49.0.2623.75 m  is the latest version of Chrome now.


      We went from reasonable volumes of this to dozens a second on some users machines for some reason.    When I login to gmail myself in Chrome, I see a handful of these requests, but we have some users pushing dozens a second for some reason.


      Something changed in the most recent verion of Chrome is the best I can tell.  Makes me have PTSD twitches from when Google Talk had a bug that was sending tons of traffic and filling up our logs on the web gateways. 


      Anyone seen anything similar?   I've searched a bit for some sort of bug bug nothing just yet.