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    Filesize restriction


      Hi all,


      i havnt found anything about this point.

      Is there any filesize restriction for On-Access scan and scheduled scan?



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          I have found the following info:


          • Large files (files greater than 2 GB/4 GB)
            File size is a contributing factor for finding malware within a file's contents. If the file being scanned is larger than 2 GB (or 4 GB for some archive file types), if a signature match is not found within the first 2 GB (or 4 GB for archive file types), the remainder of the file is not inspected unless a specific detection routine directs the scan engine to inspect beyond that boundary. For example, a 1 TB file will be scanned, but only up to the first 2 GB (4 GB if it is an archive file type).


          so after the first 2/4GB the engine dosn´t search for Signatures?  Is this usefull?