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    Firewall Policy with 3 Groups/LAGs


      Hi there

      I configured a Firewall Policy with 3 Groups/LAGs. Depending on the order, one of them is always disabled on the client.

      It's always the second group that is inactive. See Screenshots.

      Why's that? Bug or Feature?



      Here are the screens:



      Policy "Domain" on top.



      2nd group "VPN" on client is greyed out.




      Now, Policy "VPN" on top.



      Again 2nd group named "Domain" on client is greyed out.


      Can't figure out why. Anyone?


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          Found out what the problem is.

          when using rules and groups within the catalog, you can not use the same rules in 2 different Groups.

          had to clone my rules and use the cloned ones in the second group.


          I opened up a call and showed to the support guy the issue. Engineering/Development is now taking care of it.