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    EPO 4 reports not sorting on all columns


      The organization I am working for has just a few days ago upgraded our EPO from to version 4, plus the patch. Very different management interface of course but we are learning. One thing we're trying to get a handle on is the reporting. Namely the boss likes to run a query on all machines that shows the name, IP, Last Update, VirusScan DAT version etc. So I've set that up for him and the report runs fine and comes up. However, not all columns are sortable, when you mouse over the column title nothing happens. So for example we cannot sort by Dat version to see who is really far behind. Anyone see this so far, and can it be fixed? Is something wrong with the database?

      Oh and another question I can throw in quick, is there any way to have the screen display more systems per page? Thank you very much.

      Jacob Shorr