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    Performance issues Endpoint Security 10.1


      We updated from VSE 8.8 to Endpoint Security 10.1 on some testing hosts (clients and servers) and had a lot of performance issues on server environments. Our testing customers told us, that they have high CPU usage on their servers, bad performance on their servers, etc. We have also updated the Citrix XenApp Environment and the users are not able to work, session is hanging, login needs about 5 minutes (or couple of hours, depend on Citrix Version - I think), slow systems, etc.


      After some time the XenApp servers hang, for example you are not able to shutdown or reboot the system, you need to force shutdown.


      All policies are migrated, we have the same policies as before and the troubleshooting on Endpoint Security is much heavier than in VSE 8.8. We opened a Servicerequest last week and work with McAfee for a solution, but at the moment I'm not very confident that we will found any solution soon.


      Maybe someone has the same issues with ENS 10.1?

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          Hi kezman88,


          I have been hearing similar things too now and then against ENS 10.1, but what I'm lacking is the data to back it up and/or investigate the issue.

          We're aware of one scenario that can impact performance, and it won't be solved until Patch 1, ETA end of April.


          But, that scenario also has a workaround; so if it has been applied and some issue remains, we want to figure that out.

          If you're willing/able to chase that down with us, shoot me the SR# you have open.

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            Hi wwarren


            thank you for your answer. The only thing that I found on McAfee Knowledgebase is KB86425, I tried that but that doesn't solved our issue.


            The service request number of our case is: 4-13427940597

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              I gave the folks handling the SR a brief note/pointer on how to proceed, what data to collect and what tools to use etc.

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                Thank you wwarren ... Awaiting the response of McAfee and will post an update here in the community. I hope so we can fix our issues.

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                  Had the same issue and fix didn't work for all users

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                    Hi stv0x what was the fix?

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                      the KB you mentioned resolved the issue with a small number of the devices. I tested applying this and a number of different configurations with not alot of luck.

                      Eventually I managed to pressure support enough to get hold of an alpha release of patch 1 which I can confirm it seems to resolve all the performance issues we had.


                      From memory it was an issue with AMCore incorrectly processing what file to scan or not. I think it is likely that patch 1 will be released to support in the coming weeks

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                        I'm having same issue as you guys mentioned above. Deployed to a pilot group of 30 users. About 1/3 complained about slow boot up and task bar freezing up.

                        Support mention that this and the list of issues below will be addressed in May or next half of 2016.


                        So far I am not confident in rolling ENS v10.1 out to my company and not recommending this product to anyone.

                        List of issues:

                        1) Performance slow boot up, task bar freezing.

                        2) Custom on demand scans not reporting to ePO.

                        3) Threat Prevention blocking executable and not reporting in Access Protection logs or any logs.

                        4) IE freezing randomly.

                        5) Client tasks deployed by ePO not showing in client workstations.

                        6) Support not well trained on ENS (always need escalation)


                        Stay with VSE 8.8 or move on with another AV vendor.

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                          Maintenance for any software product is a work in progress.

                          And, any high severity issues can be expected to be addressed by means of a hotfix, as an interim release to seeing fixes in the next patch.

                          Such points can be discussed with Support if you're experiencing/encountering a high severity issue demanding a solution.


                          I only recognize a few of the listed items here -

                          #1 will see resolution in Patch 1;

                          #2 will see resolution in Patch 2.

                          #5 is probably "As designed" but notable as a change in behavior from VSE.

                          #6 will improve over time. Regardless, there are escalation paths for Support to leverage as needed. But "not having an answer instantly" does not warrant an escalation; there is due process Support must follow.

                          I encourage you to work with Support on any/all product issues until a resolution is identified.

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