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    Rogue system detection 5.0 Error

    Solid Snake


      am facing a problem when installing the Rogue system detection (RSD)

      it wont be able to work and this message appear in the mcafee agent log McScript.log


      2016-02-27 11:09:17I#3692mueSetting Install option [Install]:Install_1:RSD_____4700
      2016-02-27 11:09:17I#1412msgbusMessagebus Request object Destroys
      2016-02-27 11:09:17I#1412msgbusendpoint Releases
      2016-02-27 11:09:17I#1412msgbusendpoint destroys
      2016-02-27 11:09:17I#3692mueTask setting [Install\RSD_____4700] BuildVersion not found

      i tried to delete the client task and re assign anew install task it doesn't work.

      any recommendation Plz.