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    *Product Managament Request for feedback* Product Properties - Providing more concise information




      If you have played around with ENS 10.1 or are actually using this in your environment now, you have probably noticed the Product properties information that gets populated per end node . For Endpoint Security Platform product , this displays information about


      1. About
      2. Client Interface mode
      3. Client Logging
      4. Event Manager
      5. Proxy Server for GTI
      6. Self Protection


      Snapshot below



      How useful is this information here for you ? And how do you use this ? Is this mainly to confirm that correct policy is enforced and running on the end node ?


      If we were to refine this and remove Client logging, Event manager, Self protection but instead do a policy check and confirm that the latest policies are applied and running  , would that serve the purpose ? Please let me know your thoughts




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