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    Licence activation

      I have an evaluation version of ePO Ochestrator and VSE 8.5 clients installed. Recently we purchased an 200 user licence. Do you have to activate the products? If yes, how can I do that?
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          I do not know of any evaluation license of ePO. How do you know it isn´t already a full version ?
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            Got it from the mcAfee evaluation download page. I activated my licence online by entering the Grant Number I received. But I want to know if I have to register my applications as well
            • 3. Migrating to a licensed version
              Migrating to a licensed version

              1. To migrate any pre-release software to a licensed version, you must first uninstall the
              existing version of the software.
              2. Log on to the desired computer using an account with local administrator permissions.
              3. Start the setup program:
              If you downloaded the software from the McAfee website, go to the location where you
              extracted all the files and double-click SETUP.EXE.
              CAUTION: Be sure that you selected the Setup program for the licensed version of the
              If installing the software from the product CD:
              a. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer.
              b. In the ePolicy Orchestrator autorun window, select the desired language, then select
              Install ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.
              4. In the ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Setup wizard, click Next to begin the migration.
              5. A message appears indicating that the migration was completed successfully.

              BTW, I am also looking for a solution not to lose the settings made during evaluation period.

              good luck...
              • 4. How to manualy activate my product
                i bought a laptop with already installed mcfee software 2008. i dont have internet access how can i activate it
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                  there is no corporate mcafee 2008 you need to post on the consumer boards, these boards down here are for corporate users who run a different software suite to you