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    Error with getting the DAT file

      Hello everyone.
      I am new to the Mcafee EPO.
      I have 2 Servers - with EPO Version 3.6.1 - one of the servers has more than 27000 users and the other one is the older and has only 1000 (9x desktops and NT servers).

      I have one problem and a question :
      The question is : how can i move computers from the old server to the new one - cut and paste didnt work - it says "item's cannot be moved between servers" ?

      and now the problem - the new server is updated automatically every night from the mcafee site with the latest dat release while the old server is not.
      The links are the same , i checked the firewall and it is not blocked , i tried to give him the new server's link.
      i really dont know what to do so meanwhile i am downloading every day a package file from mcafee and updates manually.

      is there a script or something that can download during the night the file to my computer ?