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    ePO 4 update bandwith requirements

      Hi all !

      I'm looking for any informations or white papers about the bandwith usage of ePO and his Agents during various operations: updates of DAT, incremental updates of repositories, signature upgrade from agents ...

      Note : the epo_400_hardwarebandwidth_guide_en-us.pdf document gives absolutely no valuable informations about the update process.

      I made some testing but it seems very difficult to understand the real process during some operations. For example, if I make a fresh install of an ePO server and if I launch an immediate DAT update, the bandwith usage is 130 megabytes !

      The analysis of the ePOAPSRV.LOG shows that there are numerous connections and download of multiples files :

      - dat-xxxx.zip
      - avdat-xxx.zip
      - several xxxxxx.upd files

      The company I'm working for is asking very detailled bandwith analysis but I can't find any white paper to help me :(

      Anybody could help ?

      Thank you very much