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    Minor bug in v.14.0.7080


      Hello to all. I just purchased and installed Mcafee Internet Security, and found a minor "GUI" bug I want to report. The issue is not with the protection component of the software, but with "security reports." The problem happens when you try to open reports. When doing so, all that happens is a perpetual spinning loading wheel and the report never opens. I can open "security history" without any issue, just not reports. I have run MVT to check the installation, and it reports all is well. The rest of the software runs flawlessly. Protection is all green. I know that the moderators of this forum have regular conference calls with Mcafee, so if possible could they report this to the powers that be? If any one else on this forum notices this, please let the community know. I have called tech support and advised them of the issue, but I am not sure how far that will go. Thanks in advance.