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    McAfee Management of Native Encryption 4.0 Questions


      Can someone provide me some answers to questions I have about MNE 4.0 (Bitlocker).  I am new to both MNE and BitLocker administration however not new to DE or ePO.


      1.  Does MNE provide Out of Band Management to control instances such as Reboots.

      2.  Does MNE/ePO store the keys (BL) in the ePO database?  If so, are they encrypted?

      3.  Since ePO does not manage the TPM component, what is the recommendations for management of that functionality?

      4.  What is the support functionality for MNE

           *  Password Resets

           *  Self Service

           *  Drive Recovery


      Explanation of key advantages/disadvantages of using MNE/BitLocker over McAfee DE.