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    mxlogic.net bounces due to SPF


      Hi guys


      We are trying to send email from our Office 365 to a customer using McAfee filtering at mxlogic.net.


      The mail is bounced with the following in the NDR:


      550 5.7.23 The message was rejected because of Sender Policy Framework violation -> 550 Backend Replied [d25eac65.0.1918486.00-2204.3711030.s13p02m001.mxlogic.net]: 5.7.0 Message rejected per SPF policy


      However our SPF is correct according to Microsoft:


      v=spf1 ip4:92.x.x.x ip4:185.x.x.x include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:msgfocus.com -all


      If I do a test on kitterman.com's SPF checker I get the following results


      Mail sent from this IP address:

      Mail from (Sender): lauren.xxxxx@xxxxx.co.uk

      Mail checked using this SPF policy: v=spf1 ip4:92.x.x.x ip4:185.x.x.x include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:msgfocus.com -all

      Results - PASS sender SPF authorized

      Assistance would be appreciated!

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          Brad McGarr

          Hi zenzerosolutions!


          I looked up the details of the message for you, and while I can't release account specific details this isn't related to your SPF but the recipient's own configuration and something they'll actually need to resolve on their local mail server, as it appears they have SPF Checking enabled on their local mail environment (causing messages relayed by the SaaS Service to fail when reaching their local environment, as unless the original sender uses our service they won't have an SPF record for the SaaS Service).


          If you have a business relationship with them and have means to contact them by phone, you might want to reach out to them and advise them of the issue as they're likely not receiving much email right now (and as they are supported through a different division, I don't have the ability to locate their contact information). The support team they would need to contact is 1-800-937-2237.


          Brad McGarr,

          Intel Security SaaS Support Technician