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    Basic Deployment Q's: How to accelerate, How to fix "failed" status???



      It seems that these simple "plain ordinary installation" questions would be answered in the documentation... but I don't see answers. So, I'm coming to our trusty community


      1) Speeding up system deployment?


      Background: We have mobile users (traveling exec's) who need to get the software installed and then get going. Without waiting forever for the install. And we have people in remote places, whose Internet connection is rather costly, who don't want to remain online forever. I had thought that installing the agent, and having a deployment task running, would cause the system to rapidly install all needed modules as soon as it detected the need. That's not happening. I don't know the exact trigger but it requires MANY go-rounds between workstation and server.

      Question: How do we accelerate this? Is there a (set of) policies that can be tweaked to become a Fast/Remote-User-Install policy set?


      2) Fix "failed" deployment?


      Our first system install test failed to install Web Control. The other modules were fine.


      a) I don't see anywhere to discover the cause of the failure

      b) I don't see anywhere to cause the install to be re-initiated


      What am I missing?


      Thanks SO much!