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    Anti-SPAM license not installing for MSME 8.5


      For a week I've been trying to get the anti-SPAM license installed on my Exchange servers and the deployment fails with some unknown error.  Our MSME is managed by ePO 5.3 and MSME is working just fine.  I can't understand why this is happening, but I'm almost at my wits end trying to get some answer from Support.  Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, were you able to get it resolved?  Below is the log message from the last time I tried deploying it via ePO:


      2/19/16 3:36:46 PM    Started: Sent Run Now task "Deploy SME Anti-SPAM License" to "<servername>
        2/19/16 3:36:47 PM    Run now task Deploy SME Anti-SPAM License received. 
        2/19/16 3:36:50 PM    Run now task started. 
        2/19/16 3:36:57 PM    Run now task Deploy SME Anti-SPAM License failed.
        Details: Product "MSME____8500MSMEASA" installation failed, reason "Unknown error"..