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    True Key or Safe Key?


      I would like to get people's opinion on how they like True Key as compared to Safe Key.

      Personally I feel Safe Key was a better product, laid out  better and had better features.

      I'm not thrilled with True Key at all.

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          There was some bugs in Safe Key that they could not fix. Users were getting login issues and a yellow band at the top of the browsers, like that.As you said there were more options in Safe Key but they McAfee has made True Key simple and easy to use. It allows users to login with face detection and finger print and the security level has increased.

          Please watch the demo video for more info https://www.truekey.com/

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            Also SafeKey couldn't be adapted to make it Windows 10 compatible. From what I've heard as a Moderator they are fully aware of customers' complaints as a) they scan the section here and b) we pass back major issue anyway.

            The product will no doubt take a while to develop fully into what people would like.   Of course I can't promise anything.

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              I have had nothing but trouble with it and don't care for it at all.  And the comments on the PC Mag site show the same dislike.

              I'm moving to another product for keeping Passwords and when my subscription with McAfee is up, I'm changing products as well.

              It was a forced change that McAfee pushed on all its users and that is what really bugs me.  It was merge your data or it will be lost after March 1st.  Not Nice.

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                Duplicate post removed.  It's your choice of course.

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                  Same here. I finally gave up and went with Lastpass...so far no issues there. It sucks because I liked both McAfee Security and SafeKey. McAfee lost me as a customer when my subscription expires as well. If compatibility with Windows 10 was the issue, I'd say that's just one more reason to stay with Windows 7.

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                    I purchased another year of McAfee Live Safe because of Safe Key working so well with Windows 10, I hope I like it.

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                      You are out of luck then because Safe Key will be gone in a few days, replaced by TrueKey, which is a complete POS as far as I'm concerned. I tried to switch over, created my new Master Password, which I recorded just in case. It worked the first time I logged in. Then it wouldn't. I tried the "customer assistance" but their solution was I would have to cancel and start all over. I told them to go ahead then...then I gave it one more try, and low and behold, the password worked! So I contacted them again and told them not to cancel because it was now working. No problem, I was assured. The next day, it would not log me in again. I tried multiple times with no success, so I went with Lastpass. Intel should have stuck with hardware.

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                        Since TrueKey did not have an Export Feature, I painstakingly moved all may data over to Norton Identity Safe Vault. Then Deleted TrueKey from my computer.  Norton does not have all the features that SafeKey had, but it is a much better product than TrueKey.  Very user friendly, Learns and copies sites quickly, gives you the option easily to turn it on and off and basically works fine on a PC and iPhone.  I highly recommend it.


                        When my McAfee Anti Virus runs out in July, I'll switch to Norton.

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                          Hello All,


                          Thanks for your valuable feedback. Below are the features in Truekey that I liked most


                          1. The installation was flawless and had it enabled on all 3 browsers (IE, Chrome and FF)

                          2. It asks me to save any new sites that I login as soon as a login is done.

                          2. It has two factor authentication (Password + Facial Recognition) which increases security

                          4. It also has two device authentication feature where you will authenticate login by swiping on your smartphone.

                          5. On Windows 7 computers it has the Facial login feature which makes life easier.


                          Overall the experience is amazing. Kindly note that there are few issues reported in the feedback Forum and are worked on in a swift pace to make this the best of all Password Managers.