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    Help required ProtectionPilot 1.1.0

      Hi there,

      I can't seem to find anything similar elsewhere, and I've spent ages trawling the net for help. McAfee tech support said they couldn't help...so here I am. I've recently 'inherited' responsibility for our company AV protection, and don't know massive amounts about how it's set up.

      Looking for some help with an issue we're having with Protection Pilot 1.1.0. The main console shows the server is receiving the updates ok, but is not showing ANY of our clients as up-to-date....which I know isn't the case.

      When you try and force the deployment out to the clients, nothing happens...and I don't know why.

      We have at least one (possibly more) PC which appears to be actively receiving the updates and shows the 'V Shield' in the system tray. However, most of our clients/PCs do not show the shield. My PC has it, but only because I disabled my PCs firewall then pushed the agent out for my PC from the server console. It now shows the shield, but I don't know if it's up-to-date.

      Basically, what I'm asking is how do I get the agent pushed round the clients properly and kept up-to-date as a result?

      We're using Windows Server 2003, pushing out to WinXP SP2 clients. Frameworkservices.exe is set as an exception in the firewall/group policy area...so I'm not sure what's going on.

      Can anyone help? :confused: