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    Network Security Platform


      Hi All,


      Now that the long awaited release of Network Security Manager 8.3.x and the removal of client side Java have arrived, how many of you have installed it, and what has been your experience?


      Has anyone encountered any issues upgrading or found any issues with the software?





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          The update went smoothly, no issues at all.


          Less memory usage now client Java is gone which is nice. I haven't found any issues as such, but I have some qualms with the Attack log.


          I suppose things need to change sometimes and no Java applet is a good thing, but I had my own little workflow so I'm a bit annoyed/disappointed about the Threat Analyser. It may improve as I work out a different way to use it, but I'll be using our ESM to look at the IPS events more often.


          Opening Attack Log separately and having a cleaner looking interface isn't too big of a deal, as you can log into another window and hide the toolbars/menus. It is a shame it is no longer real-time, and there are some small niggles such as not being able to open filtered out events in different tabs, not being able to resize the attack and IP risk icon collums as small as they could be, and not being able to open attack details in a window.


          I've found it particularly annoying that timestamps are bound under the upper Event column so it can't be placed to the left of the the Attack name, I don't want the other Event columns on that side... plus you cannot change it to a numerical date format.

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            Hi Jon,


            What version did you upgrade from?


            How often are you upgrading? Do you upgrade to every maintenance release of just each feature release?