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    True Key 15/15 free logins used


      Hi, everyone. I'm new to this forum. I haven't found this question asked yet, so has anyone installed True Key, created a profile, then logged in for the first time to see "Go Premium - 15/15 free logins used. Only 0 left.' ? It gave that message on the very first login, and I've logged in 3 times now after trying different things, including uninstalling/reinstalling True Key.


      I installed True Key as a result of having a subscription to McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security. I got the email informing me that SafeKey was going away and True Key was replacing it. I expected to be able to use True Key just as I was using SafeKey already, at least until my subscription to LiveSafe expires 2/2017. Is that not how it works? Or is my profile just hosed?


      Thanks if anyone knows I can fix this!

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                            I have contacted someone on your behalf to hopefully assist you. Unaware of his On/Off hours will determine when he can respond.


          All the very Best,


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            From my understanding, you can go to your 'Livesafe' account and activate/install Truekey. You have up to (15) 'Stored' Log-ins before possibly having to purchase more. In other words once you have a 'Stored Log-in' it should automatically log you in.


            Overlook the 'No Cookies' as it is a URL issue. Go to this link and read further down the FAQ to better understand.



            Hopefully this helps until my contact adds to the discussion.

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              Hi mystyfied

              Am curious to know whether you had PasswordBox or Safekey under the email account that is same or different from the account that has Truekey.

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                Thanks catdaddy for the link to that particular FAQ. If what I gather from that is correct, then I don't have any interest in using True Key. Fifteen logins is not sufficient, and I've paid for my subscription to LiveSafe already, so I don't feel like I should be paying more to find out if this is a product I want to use. What I found on the FAQ was this:

                How many sites can I store in the True Key app?
                You can add up to 15 logins with the free subscription. To add more, simply upgrade to Premium and you can save more logins than you will ever need.

                Thanks again for your quick reply to my issue.

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                  Hi Selvan, I was using SafeKey on the same account that I am trying to add True Key under.

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                    Hi.  I too had this problem but hit the button to upgrade to premium on the True Key launchpad and that then gives you the opportunity to enter an activation key which you should get from your McAfee Account under My Account and if you scroll down you should see

                    Secure your identity with the True Key™ app

                    and futher down you will have an activation key which you can copy and paste into the box on True Key.  I did this and it now shows up as a premium account.

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                      Thanks car08, that worked!


                      I have to say I feel like True Key developers didn't put much thought into the 'user experience'. First I entered the activation code, but nothing changed. I hit the 'Go Premium' button on lower left from my profile again, this time the activation code field was greyed out and only a subscribe button was available. I hit that hoping to login with my McAfee account, but it gave no way for me to associate True Key with my McAfee LiveSafe subscription. I logged out frustrated, but something told me to login again. Now it shows subscribed and premium. I'm honestly not the person who usually needs to be given instructions on how to use or login to something like this, but it seems like someone went to extra lengths to confuse and bewilder the user.


                      Thanks to you and catdaddy for your help.

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                        No problem just glad it worked eventually for you. I should have mentioned that after I entered the activation key I had to log out and back in again and then it showed up as being a premium account and I agree with you 100% regarding the True Key developers but having said that McAfee's instructions could have been a lot clearer.

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                          Thank you both for your input, and I  am certainly glad that all is OK now I have brought this up as a Topic of Discussion, during this upcoming Monday's Weekly Conference Call.


                          Wishing you all the Best,


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