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    Deep Command 2.4


      Hello Community,


      I've just deployed ePO Deep Command 2.4 on my ePO server 5.3.1.

      Using MENU -> CONFIGURATION -> "Intel vPro Activation" feature I was able to deploy ePO Deep Command 2.4 client and automatically configure AMT on my windows 10 machine, and then access this machine using McAfee KVM Viewer.

      Now I'm trying to do the same on a windows 7 machine without luck :-( The ePO Deep Command 2.4 client has been installed but the AMT isn't configured. I don't know what is the issue could be.

      On this windows7 machine in the system tree I see only:

      Last Error Message Failed to disable CIRA: Failed to establish a connection with the server. Openwsman last error = 12029

      Configuration Mode     Enterprise Mode

      Configuration State     Pre Configuration


      I don't knwo what can I check futher.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Hello Community,


          I resolved this issue by myself. I remove the windows7 system from ePO server and run "Collect and send Props" from the client machine manually. After this, the window7 system appeared in the system tree and probably got a new config from epo deep command policy.

          No I can access the system.


          Another question I still have. In the AMT Configuration Policy I used "host-bsaed configure to enable Client Control Mode". And now I can't access the system without client consent.

          my question: how to use KVM viewer without client consent?



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            You need to configure in Admin Control Mode in order to disable User Consent