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    Unable to whitelist certain categories for certain department


      Hi guys,


      I need help to whitelist certain categories / url for each of the department. I have done creating the web mapping policy assignment and followed exactly as what is written in the McAfee community website but unfortunately it seems failed in the end.  I am bit lost by doing this and see the attachment and any advise or correction is very much appreciated!


      See the logs as well, I have questions, why the policy is default when I already assign the policy for certain user.defined.policy = "ITG" ??


      I want to be something like this.


      ITG Department RuleSets


      - Global blacklist / global whitelist (this is default policy where unauthorized user will go through this as well as other authorized users)

      - Under URL Filtering - ITG (I need to allow certain categories for authorized user,and once configured,it will bypass the application control rule and dynamic classification).


      Any ideas and advise is very much appreciated!! Thankss