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    Has any enterprise tried ePO Cloud?


      I'm curious because we're seeing significant gaps in moving from Security Center... and I feel like I must be missing something.


      (Our situation: hundreds of systems, about 20 admins, several dozen groups. In SC we use the Group Administration feature extensively, as well as a variety of policies.)


      Some of the things that feel like major gaps... perhaps you have found a workaround?


      1) All ePO Cloud users have 100% access to all computers and all groups. I don't see an equivalent to the SC Group Administration feature. I've heard there is a "System Tree Access" field in server ePO, but that is apparently not (yet?) in ePO Cloud.


      2) If I go to the Policy Catalog, and replicate a default policy to make it our own, I can see it is owned by Administrators, and can click on that link and get to a page with the names of all Admins, checkboxes next to each name, and Save/Cancel buttons down below. Perfect for managing who owns and can edit the policy. Except that page is all grayed out. No way to edit anything even though I am the owner user.


      3) The online ePO Cloud help (ePO Cloud-> Policy Management -> Policy Management Users) describes a whole set of features apparently designed for enterprise policy management, including a Server setting to enable Policy Administration, a user type of Policy Administrator, and so forth. Nice! Except NONE of it is implemented.


      Have other users run into these challenges? How are you handling it?


      At this point we have no way to delegate work to various administrators without giving all of them full access to all machines in ePO Cloud.


      Just for example it seems more than a little disconcerting that ANY admin can remove any machine in any group from the security system.