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    A few issues with EPO 4.0.... Need to go live asap!

      Hi guys,

      I need to get my EPO 4.0 server live as soon as I can, due to my boss applying pressure!

      I'm starting to get used to the program now, and am starting to find my way around somewhat better than I have been.

      As my installation is a fresh one on a new server, I was not able to simply upgrade my original EPO installation and carry everything over. This means having to deploy agents and the like to all the machines on the network. I have been doing this by force installing over an existing version on the machines I have worked with using the new server, and then I've marked these machines as an exception on the old EPO 3.6.1 server so that it doesn't try to auto deploy an agent to them.

      The machines all have VSE 8.5 installed on them, yet my VSE 8.5 compliance query on my dashboard in EPO 4.0 says that no machines are compliant! How can this be?? For one of the test machines the properties state:

      Installed Products McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports, VirusScan Enterprise

      so VSE 8.5 is clearly installed and the system knows it is! But carrying on from this, this machine also has HIPS 6.1.0 installed upon it, as well as AntiSpyware 8.5, neither of which are showing next to the installed products listing.

      Another issue I am experiencing is when trying to wake an agent. In the Server Task Log it says it is complete. On the agent status monitor on the machine I am trying to wake, nothing happens. Any ideas??

      My global repository replication also fails but as I don't use any distributed repositories, I expect that this is ok?

      Sorry for the long post folks but I could really use a hand! happy