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    Issues with Pre-Boot password on systems using the same user account


      We have about 7 computers that are all running the latest McAfee Drive encryption 7.1.3 and set for Pre-Boot. Each of these 7 computers are using the same user account.


      The users in this group are reporting that the McAfee Pre-Boot sometimes won't accept their password and that this occurs sometimes after 1 or two days. These systems do get turned off at night. These computers are using the same password for this account on all the computers. The user, responsible for these systems, says that she also has matched the Pre-Boot password to the Windows Password.


      Does encryption allow you to use the same user account name on each system. Do they have to be the same password or can this same account name have different passwords on each of these 7 systems? Does ePO store the password for this user account. Not too sure why the user is having issues and has to perform self recovery at least two times per week.


      We don't have a domain or AD so this user account is setup in the ePO user directory and then added to each system via Encryption Users under ePO.